Re: NTLK Purchasing Rights to the Newton...?

From: Peter Apockotos (
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 03:52:52 CDT

on 08/05/2000 04:28 AM, at wrote:

 So, basically you don't know anything more, you just think there is
something in the works despite Apple _explicitly_ denying this?

1. First of all...Apple never says what it means until it is time to dazzle
the press (basically till it suits them)
In case you forgot, Apple _did_ actually cancel a working, functioning
device that was selling reasonably well (for its price).....They actually
stated publicly that they _were_ willing to sell it. but
supposedly were asking too much money for it.

2. Actually the R&D on the Newton was so high that, if they still sold the
unit's for the same price and quantity for the next 50 years they may have
broken even. It is more cost effective for them to reabsorb the technology,
than to sell it and most likely that is why the offering price was so steep,
to keep buyers away.

They wouldn't do that merely to redesign it and re-release it.

3. Like I said before if what I understand to be true do not expect
something to come out like the "PDA" we know now

 I do not think that Apple is currently capable of producing something as
good as the Newton.

4. Well I am not sure about that, Apple has some great people working there
and deserve a lot of credit that they are not getting, in fact I was
surprised that Steve even acknowledged them at Mac World NY

They produce cool products, but I see little in terms of cool _technology_
coming out of them. OS X is OpenStep, heavily updated. Cool stuff, but an
update of existing stuff and not advanced new technology.

5. You are absolutely right! I never liked the idea of the Next Merger.
At least it saved Apple, so far!

 I am aware of talk of incorporating handwriting recognition. That's an
absolutely tiny part of the entire Newton system.

6. I have to disagree, the Handwriting recognition was the key technology
in the Newton.

Please, since you are not actually under NDA and dont' know anything that
isnt' public, justify your assertions.

7. Well I did not want to get into that because I did not want to let
anyone down, as Newton users we have had enough of that!!!

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