NTLK Future of Mac PDA

From: Thomas E. Hart (those@mac.com)
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 04:16:36 CDT

Dear rumor mongers,
    I have been enjoying the possibility of a new Apple hand held for
months now. Ever since I saw the first QT movies of the Dock on OSX and
the animated puff of smoke. There has also been a lot of discussion
about the Dock and how people do, do not like it, but if you look at it
you will notice that it functions pretty much as the Newotn's dock does.
These things are not particularly new to Apple's vision.
    This month's MacFormat has the following tid-bit in the Juice

"DON'T CALL US Apple is rumored to be working with cell-phone giant
Nokia on production of an "iPhone". Such a gadget would provide voice
and Internet connection via an AirPort base station and a
BlueTooth-equipped Mac. However, Apple wasn't returning our calls on
this one."

Now, wouldn't it be funny if the origin of this bit of info was in fact
this list! Hmmmm.... for all those who appealed for proactive moves on
Steve Jobs' email account, there may be something to voicing our
opinions in a loud and intelligent, market oriented manner.


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