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From: Mark Rollins (mark@mrollins.com)
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 00:07:09 CDT

Re: Newton Wireless - FINALLY
<<SNIP info about Merlin wireless modem and goAmerica>>
>I seem to remember, though, that goAmerica charged an extra fee (something
>pretty hefty like $.10 per kilbyte) for information transferred using
>software other than what goAmerica provides. I assumed that this meant that
>you couldn't realistically use the Newton or PDAs with them (aside from
>WINCE, since they have a client for that). Am I misremembering this, or
>does it not apply to using the Newton?

My first bills don't reflect this - I can't really see how it could make
a difference tot hem.

>>Note - There was a potential for flash memory card corruption (as
>>reported by J Bond). I now do the following, but have had no hint of a
>>problem for the past 10 days.

>Could someone fill me in on what this corruption might entail?

As near as I can figure it (and I have repeated it twice) is when the
battery gets below
20%, the data on the card can become corrupted, possibly due to a
current draw spike from the Merliun modem, forcing you to erase it. This
is why I back up the internal memory, and use a 4 MB "throwaway" card
for wireless e-mail and wireless Web surfing.

Mark Rollins
mark@mrollins.com (preferred)
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