Re: NTLK 802.11

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sat Aug 12 2000 - 23:43:23 CDT

On 8/12/00 6:21 PM, doppler [] wrote:

>hi jake, have you got any answers yet? (just curious)
>laurent and paul are the ones you should talk to. maybe simon

Actually, no. The ones you should talk to are Gopi (Flaherty?) and
Hiroshi Noguchi, both of whom are actually working on WaveLAN drivers.
I hope they work with Paul (Guyot) if they need card interface help, as
Paul definitely appears to have a handle on 'em, based on his reports of
progress working on getting ATA cards working with the Newton.

I think Gopi's more actively pursuing it recently, from his posts here on
NewtonTalk. Hiroshi has a web page, and is apparently still actively
working on Newton drivers, having very recently updated his Ethernet
drives for various vendor's cards:

but he hasn't updated his news on his WaveLAN driver since April and I
think he's been working on it since last August.

 - Bill
>gud luk
>Jake Luck [] wrote 00-07-18 16.11:
>> pardon me, but what is the current WaveLan driver state? I am a UNIX
>> systems programmer. Although I have never programmed on newton before, if
>> there are enough interested and someone who is willing to give me a
>> bootstrap, I would be happy to help with the development.
>> jake

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