Re: NTLK 802.11

From: Jake Luck (
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 10:00:10 CDT

> Actually, no. The ones you should talk to are Gopi (Flaherty?) and
> Hiroshi Noguchi, both of whom are actually working on WaveLAN drivers.
> I hope they work with Paul (Guyot) if they need card interface help, as
> Paul definitely appears to have a handle on 'em, based on his reports of
> progress working on getting ATA cards working with the Newton.
> I think Gopi's more actively pursuing it recently, from his posts here on
> NewtonTalk. Hiroshi has a web page, and is apparently still actively
> working on Newton drivers, having very recently updated his Ethernet
> drives for various vendor's cards:
> but he hasn't updated his news on his WaveLAN driver since April and I
> think he's been working on it since last August.

Actually, gopi sent me the dev environment which I have been playing with.
However, for someone who has never programmed for Newton befor, the entry
level bar is quite high. Switching from CodeWarrrior to MWC is another
wall. I am making progress, just very slowly.


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