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>> All this talk of TAMs reminded me of an interesting mac-fan factoid. If
>> you=20
>> watch Seinfeld reruns, look on his desk next to the window
> Also Drew Carey show is filled with Macs. The family on Home Improvement=20
> had a few Macs. Jill had a PowerBook with a strawberry sticker over the appl=
> e=20
> on the lid.
> Any Others ?
> I'll keep track of the answers and post a list at TON or some fun!

Too many to mention all in one breath....let's see......occasionally on the
X-Files...News Radio.....Spin City......Friends.....

Hmm....a Sherlock search for "Macs on TV" turned up many sites...this one is
a fairly extensive listing of Macs on TV just for this past 2000 season

(And, of course, we're not talking MOVIES at all, here. That's another list

And...this link surprised wasn't what I thought it would be....

Any of you heard of the Mac TV? (Well, admittedly, even an Apple aficionado
like myself didn't recognize this one! Only 10,000 of these were made.)

REALLY cool looking Mac! In BLACK! Check it out!

(Any of you HAVE one of these, btw? Now THAT would be impressive.)


The box said "Windows 95 or better" so I bought a Macintosh.

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