NTLK Re: Macs on TV

From: CM Stimpson (macheel@dialfree.net)
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 08:05:21 CDT

Oh -- if anybody has happened to catch any of the Democratic National
Convention (and let's NOT turn this into a political debate, please), you
will see Apple products ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Even if you're a Republican, or Independent (like myself) or whatever, it's
cool to see all those Apple products. In about 15 minutes of air time, I
saw an iMac, 4 Apple Cinema Displays (Yes! The HUGE ones!), about 2-4 Apple
Studio Displays (presumably attached to matching G4's under the tables),
several iBooks and PowerBooks.....

It was like Apple was SPONSORING the DNC or something. (Macs were, in fact,
clearly running the show, as there were NO PeeCee's to be found ANYWHERE.)

I'm not sure, but it looked as though the Apple Cinema displays were used as
TV monitors so that the crowd could see whomever was on stage from their
various locations throughout the Staple Center.

And, as many of you probably know, Apple just happened to have a huge
12-story, 6-panel mural painted on a hotel right outside the Staple Center's
main entrance. The mural was of the "Think Different" variety and honored
various political figures (all Democrats, notably) throughout history. The
figures were JFK, Eleanor & FDR, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Cesar Chavez.

Well, needless to say, Apple had a more than modest presence.


The box said "Windows 95 or better" so I bought a Macintosh.

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