Re: Pissing contest (was: NTLK The Mistry of Apple Products)

From: J. van de Griek (
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 04:22:16 CDT

Wolf Lichtenberger wrote:

>on Wed, 16 Aug 2000, J. van de Griek wrote:
>> Okay, time to seperate the wannabees from the REAL collectors ;-)

[extensive but rather impressive list of machines snipped]

>> Philips VG8220
>> Philips VG8235
>Weren't these VG machines varieties of the MSX tribe (with a tiltable

The VG8220 doesn't have the tiltable keyboard, the VG8235 does (as does its
rather rare predecessor, the VG8230). The VG8220 is bacisally the MSX-2
version of the abundant VG8020.

All my Philips machines are MSX's. I would like to find a P2000 at a car
boot sale someday, and I know I will, but sometimes I kick myself for not
buying one when everybody and their uncle were selling them to replace them
with MSX's and Commodores...

[second part of rather impressive list of machines also snipped]

>OK, so i'm to be a wannabe:
>DynaByte MPM-II machine (256 KB, 15 MB HD, 4 users)
>Commodore PET-2001

I saw one of those for sale on Queensday this year, for f2.50 (about $1). I
didn't buy it. I mean, how would I take that home on a bike!? What a

>(Atari 800, sold)
>(Commodore C64 with tape & floppy drives, sold)
>Sinclair ZX81
>Sinclair Spectrum
>Sinclair Spectrum+ (better case & keyboard)

Ooh, those are nice. I want one. I especially want the +2 and the +3, with
built-in cassette drive and 3" floppy drive. Too bad they're quite rare
overhere. But then again, I will be going to England in October, I might
visit a few car boot sales there...

>Atari ST 520+

That's the 520 with 1MB memory, right? Like a 1040 without the built-in
floppy... Cool. The rare Ataris I'm still looking for is the 260ST (mostly
sold in France, with French TOS/GEM), and the 130ST, the unworkable 128kB

>Atari Mega ST 4
>Amiga 1000 (with the developer-signatured hood)
>Mac LC II (dead)
>No name '286 10MHz
>486-100 48 MB "server"
>P-100 64 MB "workstation"
>> For my next trick, I want to start building a supercomputer (massively
>> parallel cluster), starting with 8 or 16 PowerMac 6100's, eventually
>> expanding it to, oh, say 64 CPU's... Or maybe 128, if I change my mind
>> don't buy a Porsche :-). Man, it's going to be cool having my own
>> supercomputer! *drool*
>How 'bout building your super out of *all* the computers you have? (should
>an extra power plant though, too)

Well, most of them won't fit in the plan, but things like the PowerMacs and
later PowerBooks can of course be introduced to the cluster when extra power
is needed. But this is not about power, it's about building a cluster for
fun. Hence the PowerMac 6100's; if I wanted pure power, I'd link up some
G4's or high speed Athlons.

I do think that I will need to install some extra power lines to my attic,
though. :-)


Joost van de Griek
Applications Developer
Yacht ICT

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