Pippin contest (was: NTLK Pissing contest)

From: J. van de Griek (Joost_van_de_Griek@nl.yachtgroup.com)
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 04:44:02 CDT

Karen M. Lee wrote:

> > >Someone who owns a Pippin! You're right, he beats us all . . .
> No PIPPIN here, but I just love to gaze at a list of my Apple

They do pop up on eBay from time to time, though... Oh, how I wish I was a
millionaire! (Anyone want to donate $2,000,000 so I can buy that 1970
Porsche 917K that's for sale in Monte Carlo?)

> Apple II Plus
> Apple IIE
> Apple IIC
> Apple IIGS
> Mac Portable (2)
> Mac Plus (4)
> Mac SE (2)
> iBook (Tangerine)
> B&W G3 with LCD Monitor
> G3 Lombard PowerBook
> Newton H1000 (3)
> Newton 110 (2)
> Newton 120 (2)
> Newton 130 (6)
> Newton 2000 (5)
> Newton 2000U (2)
> Newton 2100 (6)
> eMate 300 (3)

Holy green machines, Batman! That's one impressive collection of Newtons you
have there! The most I can remember I had was when I had all those eMates in
my house. Made a nice group photo... (They're all sold but the two I'm
keeping, so don't bother.)

> Palm Pilot III (in the kitchen drawer)
> Palm V (in the same drawer)

Oh, yeah, I also have a Palm. A PalmPilot Professional, I believe it is. Got
it from work. For some reason I always forget to mention it. Come to think
of it, I don't know where it is... But I'm sure it's in pristine condition,
in original box with all the manuals.

I do have another handheld, though, an Atari Lynx. Pretty nifty, great

> Oh, how I love the Newton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in your case, there are just so many of them to love! Can I come to your
house and play with the Newtons after work today?


Joost van de Griek
Applications Developer
Yacht ICT

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