Re: NTLK FileMaker Pro/database software or utility?

From: jimthej (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 18:50:44 CDT

on 8/21/00 12:01 PM, Jodine Chase at wrote:

> I'm looking for a way to download the contents of a FMP database to store on
> my Newton MP 2100 (upgraded) for reference.
> It's a short-term need and a fairly simple database - it contains summaries
> of all of the reviews of about 130 Fringe Theatre plays taking place in our
> city.
I would recommend saving the database as a tab delimited text file and then
importing it into works, if it doesn't have too many fields, say more than 6
or 8. More than that, take it into Excel and then Exchange it into
QuickFigure works. Reason for the change: better scrolling. This assumes
that text in each field is limited to a word or two. long text cells

Mac Smacker
Newton User

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