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From: jimthej (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 18:55:41 CDT

on 8/21/00 2:56 PM, Adrian Carter at wrote:

> Hi
> I've been having a problem linking my Newton to my desktop Macintosh.
> I was thinking the problem could be related to the cable I am using, the
> only cable I have access to is one that came from a localtalk adapter box
> that I have. I presumed it would be O.K for the connection but now I am not
> so sure.
> The cable has the two phonejack connectors on either end and fits my Dlink
> card card and my Mac ethernet port without any problems. The newton
> recognises the card and I have setup a connection profile which loads fine.
> However attempting to switch to Ethernet on the Mac prompts the Mac to ask
> me to check my settings and try again the Appletalk menu box then defaults
> back to the Printer port.
> Sorry if this is a FAQ, I check at's informative Ethernet page but
> couldn't get any joy.
> Also could it be due to a low battery that I am getting these problems ?
low battery could be a real problem. I always use mains power on Ethernet,
unless the batteries are full, and I'm only on for a few minutes. Cable from
local talk boxes will not work as the connection requires Cat 3 or Cat 5
which have 6 or more connectors and are done as pairs rather than 4 wires as
in LocalTalk.

Jim Johnston
Mac Smacker
Newton User

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