RE: NTLK Also on the Kung Fu site...

From: Bradley Smith (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 11:18:03 CDT

Sorry, I wasn't clear:

You know the button bar at the (usually) bottom of an MP2k? Well, the
background to that bar is a kind of gradient: Dark at the top fading to a
lighter grey in the middle and back to a dark grey at the bottom. Well,
Newtbar can change that bar to a number of different patterns. The default
(if you just install the program) is a kind of lined effect but the one I
chose is a bitmap of a Newt - you know, like a lizard but wetter - lying all
the way across the bottom of my screen. BTW, to change the background you
need to go into your normal Newton Prefs and you'll see an option in there
called "stripe" that lets you choose the Newtbar pattern.

No side effects so far either.


> Brad,
> Before I try installing all kind of things on my MP, what's
> the Newtbar
> thing? What do you mean "I've just set my button bar backdrop to a
> Newt!"??
> -Laurent.
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