Re: NTLK Re: apple quicktake 200 digital camera & newton/tibetcompatibility?

From: Oz Suguitan (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 17:34:41 CDT

Your eMail from on 8/30/00 2:35 AM said this:

>OK.....I may have missed something, here.....but as I understood from other
>Tibet users, the QT cameras do not work with Tibet.
>I have a QT 200 and an eMate, and would LOVE to be able to use the two in
>tandem -- I really like the idea of being on vacation, taking QT pics, and
>then emailing them back to my friends & family via the eMate.
> if Tibet doesn't work.....anyone know of anything that DOES?????
>Thanks in advance!

WOW! QT 200???

I have a QuickTake 200, and the only thing that keeps me from taking it
around is the battery suckage that the QuickTake requires.

I have a Canon Powershot S100 that is much better for everyday treking.

As for Tibet, the only cameras that were supported were the ones that
used the serial communications compatible with several Afga cameras. As
for the ones that do work, there are at least 5 Afga cameras, a few
olympus, and none that are Kodak or Canon.. I may be wrong by a camera or
two, but thats a good brand name rule of thumb.

The Apple cameras are based on the Kodak series camera engines circa 1996.

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