From: Keith Isley (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 22:10:10 CDT

My boss (who is a devoted Microsoft) has an iPAQ and he lent it to me so I
could evaluate it for him. It's a very fast little machine - and the color
screen is the best I've ever seen on a PDA, bar none. The handwriting
recognition is halfway decent (surprisingly), kind of a cross between
graffiti and Newton-style recognition.

The PocketPC is improved over the last version, but it's still Microsoft -
which means there are seven different ways to do everything, and not all of
them make a lot of sense. On top of that, Compaq has added a proprietary
menu that, to my mind, just confuses the issue even more.

Some cool features: real-time voice recording, MP3 playback, and a fairly
intuitive calendar operation. Pocket Word really lacks, in my opinion...and
the contacts app is mediocre at best.

Also, the thing is HEAVY. It's larger than a Palm and about twice as thick,
and it really sags a front shirt pocket. I'd never carry it there.

The sync application is slick when it works, but there are problems. My boss
had to put his Windows machine in safe mode to fix a recurring synching
problem...less than two weeks after he got the thing. Considering Microsoft
made the desktop OS, the palmtop OS, the contact application (Outlook) and
the synching utility - all of them, by the same software company - the fact
that it's buggy is pretty troubling.

Bottom line: the iPAQ is a mixed bag. Although it has some really cool
features, I don't think I'd trade my Newt in for it yet.

Keith Isley

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Re: NTLK iPAQ Any Newtoneers out there have, or have used, an iPAQ?

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