NTLK Speed internal vs. card/cleaning ballpoint from screen (was: Re: NTLK How to Sync Newtons?)

From: Wolf Lichtenberger (w_l@gmx.net)
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 09:00:58 CDT


At 08:31 29.08.00, you wrote:
>How does the speed compare from running packages from a card, to running the
>packages from the internal store?

Get Nick's TestIt from http://www.logictools.de, it's got a speed test for
any active store.
Real SRAM cards (f.e. Apple 1M, 2M types, cards with a battery!) should be
fastest, internal next because partly SRAM, too.
FLASH ROM cards, the most available, should come out slowest because of the
flash cell writing process.
Btw., there's no such thing as FLASH RAM, much as people would like you to
believe 8^).

>Also, on another note, what is the best way to clean ball point pen off the
>screen? I have tried using some water, but that didn't get it off, and I
>don't want to use anything strong that might damage the screen. (I think
>someone tried to see if it would do anything if they wrote on the screen)

Some people here used slightly alcoholic solutions, which should do the
trick since IIRC ballpoint ink is alcohol-soluble.
So, i'd ask again specifically on cleaning solution experiences and do some
tests with alcohol and ballpoint ink (elsewhere, of course! ;-).

-- Wolf

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