NTLK Re: Farallon EtherNet Card Info

From: Peter Edwardsson (Peter.Edwardsson@globalone.net)
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 22:48:31 EST

> In an effort to clear up some misinformation about the Farallon "EtherNet PC
> Card" for the Newton, here is what I know.
> Farallon made three different "kits" to work with MP2x00 / eMate and NIE
> 2.0.
> 1. * PN595-TP ( Single 10-BASE-T cable connection )
> 3. * PN895 ( Dual (2) 10-BASE-T connections on a separate "Hub" assembly )
> * 1 All three "kits" used the same exact card. It was the cables that
> plugged in that made the difference.
> * 3 The separate "hub" cable included in the PN895 kit consumes tremendous
> power from the Newton because of it's design. If you absolutely wanted that
> kit, only use it when your Newton is running off of the AC adapter.
> Otherwise it will suck the life out of your batteries before your eyes. It's
> not the card, they're all the same. It's the "hub".

If I want to connect my Newton 2100 to my iMac, which ethernet Pc Card
is the best one? The PN595-TP or the PN895 with the "hub" (mentioned

And if I want to connect my Newton to my PowerBook via ethernet? Now I
connect my PowerBook (540c PPC) to my iMac via an ethernet cross cable
without any problems, but I also want to be able to connect my Newton to
my iMac trough ethernet.

Does the PN895 has a dual connection (mentioned above)that allows me to
connect my iMac, my PB and my Newton at the same time?

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