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From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 12:54:23 EST

On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Humphreys, David wrote:

> I am a new subscriber to this list.
> I would like to know if any other users have made hardware mods to the MP2K?
> I have had my MP2K since 1997 and, although it is a superb machine, I have
> always thought that it could be better.
> Things I am interested in doing:
> Swapping the green backlight for a cool white one.

Impossible without replacing the entire screen AFAIK - the backlight is an
integral part of teh screen.

> Adding a mini-din socket to use instead of the clumsy dongle.

It has been done - someone else should have links to pictures.

> Add extensions to the OS.

It has been done, Paul Guyot has released a user-created system patch.

> Add 16/32/64Mb... internal mem.

Has also been tried... memory will not be recognized until the system is
patched to recognize and address it.

> Replace NewtOS with Linux kernel.

Why would you ever want to do this? I see no advantages in running Linux
on a Newton (and before you jump all ofer me, I have been using Linux for
the past five years, so I do know its inherent advantages - NewtonOS has
more advantages for a handheld platfor than Linux IMO)

> Interface to external HD or CDROM.

Cool... but wouldn't be practical for portability. ATA flash on the
other hand...

> Interface to SoundBlaster type chipset.

eMates and 2x00s already have 16-bit, 22Khz mono sound - good enough to
play MODs :)

> While some of these things are complex undertakings, none of them are
> impossible. I know that with enough information I can get them done.
> If you can share your info/thoughts/wishes etc. I would be most grateful.

Seeing that you're a PCB designer, mmaybe you'd be interested in the
docking station project that I'm (very slowly) working on:

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