From: Chris Ruprecht (
Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 07:48:34 EST

Hello again,

I have send the following message to (since I'm
an Earthlink subscriber) as well as to Postmaster and Abuse at
Netcom, since the originator of the Virus file sent it from Netcom:

Hi guys,

The following message, of which the attached file "Happy99.exe" was a
part, has been posted to an e-mail list where myself and 1600 other
exchange information about the Newton MessagePad by "KCole
<>:. The attached file apparently contains a
virus which seems to effect Windows system. Multiple messages have
been posted to the e-mail list warning member not to open the file. I
have not opened it, as I'm using an Apple Mac which is unable to run
Windows EXE files and therefore have not been exposed to the virus
myself. I also have not been able to verify that the message in fact
does contain a virus, I would like you to run a check on it. I have
run a check with the Mac Version on Norton Anti Virus 6.0.1 and the
program did not report any virus contained in this file. But it might
just be a new type, the Anti Virus software is not yet aware of.

If the file should in fact contain a virus, I request that this
persons account with Netcom will be canceled with immediate effect. I
also request that this person will be banned from all access to
either the Netcom or the Earthlink networks. This file has been
placed into the e-mail list intentionally and if there is a virus in
it, those were malicious intentions and should not be tolerated in a
peace loving community :)

Thank you and best regards,

[I have attached the original message and the offending file]

I sincerely hope that this is in the interest of everybody on this
list - I have zero tolerance for stuff like that - sorry ...

Best regards,

Chris Ruprecht
Network grunt and bit pusher extraordinaíre
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