NTLK Ntlk: external modem

From: Gerard Tripptree (gtripptree@earthlink.net)
Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 09:09:35 EST


I regularly use a Motorola 33.6 LifeStyle or a Practical Periperals 33.6
external modem with my UGMP 2000 and my MP 130. Absolutely no problems.

I use one of the built Newton modem drivers (28.8 or faster) to connect.

No, you don't have to remove the memory card.
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 23:25:30 -0800
From: Glenn Roe <myhome@cwnet.com>
To: newtontalk@planetnewton.com
Subject: ?external modem?
Message-ID: <38ABA25A.694CCE14@cwnet.com>

     I was wondering if anyone in the group knows if an external modem
(like one for a Mac w/ serial connections) can be used on a MP2X00 or an
emate. I saw one on ebay for sale that was described that way. If so I
would like to do that with my emate so I don't have to take out the
flash card to use a modem. TIA for any suggestions or knowledge about

Glenn Roe
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