RE: Apple Programs (was:NTLK NewtonMAD and it's originator, Kenne th Wong)

From: Filmer, Paul E (
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 15:28:37 EST

Legally, you would have to have Apple's permission. Period.

Pragmatically, you might consider making a "best effort" to request
permission, documenting your requests, and then host the software until
requested not to do so by apple maggots (er, lawyers).

BTW, when you purchase a Newton, you do not _buy_ the software that comes
with it. You only have a license to use it - Apple is still the owner, and
contract law applies, not copyright law. This is what is contained in all
the fine print we never read as we eagerly rip open seals and hit the
"Agree" button on our new software. This applies to 99.99% of software out
there, Apple or not.

Copyright law is slowly being replaced by contract law - and contracts can
say whatever, as long as both parties agree. Remember, each time you rip
that seal or click "Agree" you make a Faustian bargain, because you never
read all the boilerplate, do you? You may well owe all you firstborn


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