Re: NTLK system errors, card not showing

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 12:53:33 EST

"Susan F. Epstein" wrote:

> I have had my MP2100 since the product was introduced, and suddenly it is
> showing signs of age. I recently had difficulties with the batterypack
> losing charge quickly, but things have gotten worse. I am now plagued with
> constant restarts; I select something and, no matter what it is, Notes is
> launched and then the screen goes dead. It then restarts and says a system
> error caused the restart. Additionally, my flashcard has disappeared; when I
> select "card" it says nothing is inserted.
> Does this seem like something I might be able to handle myself, or will I
> have to send it in for repair?

There might be a couple of things you may want to consider. First, you could do
a full backup, not an incremental one, with NCU, then another full backup (no
kidding), then to a brain wipe (AKA hard reset). Reinstall any third party
packages you had, then restore only the information from one of your backup. See
if that helps. Try to be careful not to install too many extensions that
"augment" the functionality of the various built-in packages, as you're more
likely to run into problems. If you really want to have those "functionality
enhancers", make sure you pick them appropriately, and that they're not
incompatible with another "functionality enhancer".

I would suggest you try the brain wipe, then try to run with the built-in
packages only for some time. See if you still have the error. With random
resets, I would have thought that the battery contacts in the battery
compartment were maybe becoming dirty, or loosing contact, but then, you would
get a message after the reset that would say "The system restarted because the
battery was dead.". Since you're saying that the restart occured because of a
system error, it must be something else.

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