Re: NTLK having a problem with Newton Connection Utilites

From: W.Lichtenberger (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 20:35:46 EST

Hello my fellow Newtoneers,

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000 09:48:36, Laurent Daudelin wrote:
>It looks like you're using a Windows machine (slowdown), so here are my tips.
>First, I used to have those problems before I've got Serial57600. As you may

Hmmm. This leads me to the Question: Where _did_ you get this beast,
Serial57600? Is it different (or even better?) from High Speed Serial
Templates by Ken Walker?

>have guessed, this let you make your backup at 57600 bps instead of the
>38400 bps. So, that did care of a lot of communication errors I was
getting. You

Me too. Wonderful news, if it becomes true for me, too...

>need to hack the Windows registry to make this work though, so, if you're not

Now i waited for two long weeks that you say where & what to hack in there,
so *please* say it! If you think it's rather not for the faint of heart,
then private EMail's OK.

>familiar with the registry, I'd say forget it ;-)

yeah, familiar enough. Juz' export your "hack" in a .reg-file and show it,

>The other trick I was using before, whenever I got those communication errors
>was to launch TaskManager. Then, I select "ncu.exe" in the list of processes.

There you should mention Win-NT at least once... ;-)

>Right-click on it and a popup menu appears. Select "Set Priority ->

Which looks like *very* sound advice, thanx a lot! I will do this in any
case before i try next time.

So, Laurent, please tell us the whereabouts of this Serial57600 and what to
do to the registry in detail, if you don't mind :-).

-- Wolf Lichtenberger (for the record: 37, but one 2100d, german)
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