Re: NTLK password for ncu

From: Kenneth Wong (
Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 00:52:24 EST

NCU is asking for the Newton's password. This is to prevent people from
exporting information from someone's else's password-protected Newton.



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Subject: Re: NTLK password for ncu

> Arnie Lerner wrote:
> > gurus... newbie problem #3 downloaded ncu for windows from newtonMad
> > last week (before it disappeared), got my pc/newton cable from newton
> > oz, and now cannot connect because ncu tells me that my old password
> > is not correct and will not allow me to set a new one i haven't even
> > set a password on the pc/ncu...and if there is one on the mp2100, i
> > sure don't know about it. how do i get out of this password
> > hell? inching toward connectivity,arnie
> You mean, when you launch NCU, it asks for a password? Someone must have
> set it in the preferences. Did you try just clicking the OK button to
> see? Maybe the NCU prefs are screwed up. Does anyone know where those
> preferences are kept?
> -Laurent

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