NTLK Re: newtontalk V1 #260

From: jon glass (jonglass@usa.net)
Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 01:40:32 EST

On Tue, Feb 29, 2000 6:44 AM, NewtonTalk
<mailto:newtontalk@planetnewton.com> wrote:
> Oh yeah - batteries and power - batteries can't recharge in the unit,
> so you need a separate charging thing - like the recharging "cradle"
> available for the 110, 120, and 130 (part H0087), and rechargable
> batteries. You could use alkaline non-rechargable, but then you'll
> need to change them periodically - my first set of alkaline batteries
> lasted me about a month of casual, non-continuous usage.

I had no problems charging batteries in my unit, both using the charging
stand, and using the adapter directly in the unit.

As for the 120, I can't heartily recommend it. I had a 120 1.3, upgraded it
to 2.0 and later bought another 2.0 when my first was stolen. I have since
gone "up" to a 120 and would never go back. The main problem is the heap.
You are severly limited on heap in a 120. The max you can hope for, with no
packages installed is around 70k. If you want to get email, you are
basically limited to Aloha and AOL. I reset my 120 several times a day
under heavy usage. That said, if you want it chiefly for the built-in
functions, and maybe Pocket Money, it should suffice. As soon as you want
to start adding things, however, you will find yourself limited, especially
if you are backgrading from a 2K series.

-Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland

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