RE: NTLK Expansions...

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 05:06:20 CDT

>Unless Paul or someone else manages to write a patch to the OS, the only
>options I know of are to use Write Here or AltRec to add more expansions.
>AltRec doesn't work on my MP, so I use Write Here. Write Here works fine,
>but is slow.

I tried to change this limit at the very beginning of my Newton
development. (I also tried to change the dictionary limit). But it
turned to be catastrophic. Indeed, the Newton stores the data in two
places: (a) the expansion dictionary which is a standard dictionary.
Just to recognize the expansions. (it is linked to the user
dictionary). There is also an array of uncompressed unicode strings
for the expanded version of the words. There is a slot with the 50
limit (or something similar, it is 64 on my Newton since all the
experiences I made). But changing it doesn't help.

I personally use alt.rec.... and found that implementing expansions
into alt.rec.... was a better solution because I could have as many
expansions as I wanted, and make different kinds of expansions.

Sorry, no alt.rec.... updates are planned soon, since I have totally
different projects.



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