Re: NTLK How to program the IRDA port?

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 05:14:39 CDT

>ok, so no one's been able to hack the carrier modulation frequency?

If you are interested, I have found some interesting stuffs:

class TVRemoteService {
        static UndefRes ClassInfo(void);
        // vector at 01A1EF54
        UndefRes Start(TOptionArray*, unsigned long, TServiceInfo*);
        // vector at 01A210FC
}; // TVRemoteService

class TVRemoteIRTool {
        UndefRes AddCurrentOptions(TOptionArray*);
        // 01A1EF20
        UndefRes AddDefaultOptions(TOptionArray*);
        // 01A1EF2C
        UndefRes AllocateBuffers(void);
        // 01A1EF38
        UndefRes ConnectStart(void);
        // 01A1EF6C
        UndefRes DoOutput(void);
        // 01A1FF90
        UndefRes IHReqHandler(void);
        // 01A1FFF0
        UndefRes PacketSentInt(void);
        // 01A20020
        UndefRes ProcessOptionStart(TOption*, unsigned long,
unsigned long);
        // 01A20058
        UndefRes StartIRTransmit(void);
        // 01A210E4
        UndefRes TaskConstructor(void);
        // 01A2211C
        UndefRes TurnOnSerChip(void);
        // 01A22144
}; // TVRemoteIRTool

I don't have much time now, but it's on the bowels plans. If you want
to have a look, I suggest that you wait until I release the new
bugfree ROM Dumper to use the rough disarm tool on the ROM Image. You
can use Hammer, of course.



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