NTLK Newton comparisons (Why doesn't everyone like their visors/palms)

From: Prentiss.Gray@gecits.ge.com
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 08:56:16 CDT

I don't respond to everything on the list but occasionally I see things that
intrigue me. The latest were the comparisons of the Newton and the
"palm"devices. Really just cheap shots. The Newton, which got about 3/4 of
the way to being a hand held companion for all your needs, doesn't compare
well to a utility device like the Palm. If you feel threatened by the palm,
you shouldn't. People love the Palm devices because they are simply the
best at what they do. There is a lot of functionality in a very well
designed small package. ( how big is the guy who said the Newton fit in his
shirt pocket?). It does not try to be an all purpose computer, just a pda.
Smart marketing has limited the Palm devices to the things they really do
best. This may be why WinCe devices have so much trouble getting out of the
starting gate, identity crisis.

The Newton however, got very close to being a small laptop. The result of a
contest between the needs of getting as much "all around" functionality in
to a truly portable package, was a device that is too big to fit in a pocket
and too small to be comfortable for large amounts of work. Maybe Apple
should have gone smaller rather than larger with the 2000. It does have a
particular niche, but I wouldn't want to do all my work on it. The
limitation of the package always detracted from the tremendous functionality
of the Newton. The Cost hurt too. There is truly nothing like the Newton,
But lately I am finding that my palm and my laptop make a more useful pair.

Sorry, if I hurt anyone's feelings. (no, I am not selling any of my
Newtons. They are just too cool...)

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