Re: NTLK Newton comparisons (Why doesn't everyone like their visors/palms)

From: Michael Manthey (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 00:00:07 CDT

On Wed, 05 Jul 2000 11:59:25 +0200, Michael J. Husmann wrote:

>I know -- see macmagazin 8/2000, pp 126-129 ;-) But the Psion's OS looks
>dated, Windows 3.1ish, and the level of integration between the apps is
>no match to the Newton.

Haven't read the issue yet (August?), but the latter is certainly true,
you're dealing with a sort of mini-desktop. Integration on the Psion
resembles what you'd expect from an office-suite and obviously aims at a
business-clientele wishing to have the portable office at their hands.
EPOC is essentially based on a key-command concept: it does as good a job
at that as the Newton does as a pen-driven pocket computer. (If helpful or
necessary the adept Psionite makes use of his thumbs or fingers on the
touch-screen instead of the pen.)
Connectivity with the Mac has become poor since the introduction of Series
5; what Psion calls "MacConnect" is an outstanding example of overpriced
and in portions disfunctional software. That was totally different in the
Series 3, which seamlessly integrated with the Mac desktop.
The expansion of memory with CF-cards is uncomplicated and you have a
fully functional IRDA support for both printing and mobile use (I combine
it with the Ericsson SH 888 and its integrated modem).
There are, interestingly enough, two Newton keyboard emulators for the
Psion: one to use the Newton keyboard with the Psion, the other one to use
the Psion as an external keyboard with a MessagePad. So I guess the
combination of both platforms is not so rare, after all.
I also have to correct a mistake: the Series 5 is 350 gr with batteries,
not 250 gr as I said before (must have mixed it up with the REVO).


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