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From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 14:22:32 CDT

Paul Guyot wrote:

> >| 2. Is there any way to read a Newton PC Card in a powerbook?
> >
> >Sorry, no. Conventional computers use conventional filesystems. Newton,
> >being an unconventional computer, uses a completely different method of
> >data storage, one that is totally alien to conventional data storage.
> Let's rewrite this paragraph:
> Sorry, no. 1980's and older computers use prehistoric filesystems. Newton,
> being a 2050 computer, uses a completely different method of
> data storage (based on soups, the futur name for databases as the
> lowest element
> of filesystems), one that is totally alien to prehistoric data storage.


> What's coming next:
> 1/ better GUI for partitions (in fact, there is a little bug in this NS code)
> 2/ design and implementation of the Newton Stores Collection format
> (at least, the first format)
> 3/ modification of the TPartitionMap class to use it to modify the
> partitions. (and, this would need an NS interface to have a kind of
> FDISK/PDISK for Newton, although this is postponed)
> 4/ I will then format the card with the NSC format, and I'll try to
> mount the store(s). If I succeed (or I'll better say, when I'll
> succeed, I can't give up now), you'll have the very first beta
> (before I implement more features).
> Best regards,

Way to go, Paul!

Bravo, Paul!

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