Re: NTLK Re: "Brainwipe"

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 09:18:07 CDT

>On Tue, 4 Jul 2000, [ISO-8859-1] Isaac T¸ftler wrote:
>> Which packages? Are you sure, that they are built in?
>> Built-in are Notes, Dates, Names, TimeZone, Calls, InOut, Dock, OwnerInfo,
>> Help, Card, Prefs, Style, Writinglesson, Clock, Formulas, Calculator and
>> the starting app (in German named "Profil", so maybe Profile in english?
>> Hope i got the other titles correct). Built-ins are not moveable to card.
>> So again: which apps?
>"Profil" is called "Setup" on the English ROM, I believe.

The problem seems to be a corrupted package soup. Indeed, even if those packages are built-in, there is normally a single entry in the package soup for the icon (while other packages have 2 (one for the icon, one for the package) or 3 entries(when frozen)). (of course, there are scripts and other kind of entries,Š).

Anyway, the entries for the built-in icons are marked to be skipped for backup, hence I suggest a backup & restore.



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