Re: NTLK Emate error 48409?

From: Ivan Shaw (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 17:41:42 CDT

At 06:24 PM 7/5/00 -0400, Lewis Rogers wrote:
>Thank you the hard reset worked, I'm just starting to use my eMate. Any
>suggestions on packages to use, since I can't use Dashboard on the eMate
>any suggestions on a launching package?

Well, no. Dan Rowley had mentioned that GestureLaunch was considered for
porting to the eMate but that never came about. Since I have to use Notes
for my backdrop (use SNP extensively), I can't use any of the backdrops for
launching either. I've resorted to using Tasks to cycle between open
programs and will typically have the Extras drawer open.

As for other packages to use with the eMate, I've loaded Power Utilities
for Newton Works (PowerMedia's bundle of Standalone's Font Pack 1 and 2,
SpellMan and WorksBetter), Landware's WriteStuff, NIE 2.0, SimpleMail 4.0
and BackTalk. Couple of other minor packages here and there, but I keep the
eMate as a writing tool and use the MP2100 for everything else.

Ivan T. Shaw, PhD

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