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From: Tobin, John (jtobin@vignette.com)
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 17:20:11 CDT

Hello all,

After retiring my MP120 for a Palm III a couple of years ago, I find myself
back in Newton fray with a MP2k I recently picked up pretty cheap. The
screen was horribly scratched, but after a $180 trip to Apple I have a
crystal clear new touchscreen and LCD . . . sweet!

I have gotten quite used to using the Palm and Palm Desktop Software for
scheduling and contact management. The Palm OS does this quite well and I
really like the instant button access to info - pull Palm out of pocket and
cycle through calendar, todos and contacts without using a stylus.

OK, that's nice, but for virtually everything else, especially notetaking
and information organizing, the Newt is *far* superior. We all know that.
I'm wondering how I integrate the two into my daily routine. Here's what
I'm doing so far, I'd love to get other's experiences!

Palm III & Palm Desktop

* calendar
* todos
* contacts


* notetaking in meetings
* diagramming / brainstorming
* USENET w/ InkSpot
* lite web browsing
* games
* misc organization of info
(detailed todo lists, research topics, outlines, voicenotes)

After a meeting I use BackTalk to beam any meeting notes and appointment
info stemming from the meetings to the Palm. Same for contacts, although I
rarely run into that situation.

Are other people doing this? I'm sure I'm not the only one living with both
and I bet some folks have some much more clever ideas that mine out there!


John "glad to be carrying a Newt again" Tobin

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