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From: dsteele (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 23:19:15 CDT

I find myself in a similar situation these days using my Visor Deluxe for
reference and schedules etc and carrying it most places but using my MP
2100 for serious data entry, internet and email etc. I use NCU to backup
the newton to my powerbook at home and on the NT.

I sync the visor to palm desktop on my powerbook (home) and MS Outlook
on my NT (office). I am also syncing my newton to the NT and Lotus Notes
using Cadenza for my mobile work scheduling and email. I can do this
also with the visor but haven't found it necessary to do so. I am using
the NT as a server to provide the newton with internet access which is
quite handy and avoids the need to remove a card and use my modem. I do
use the modem when traveling. I don't have a modem yet for the visor but
do use Avantgo to sync selected text based web pages. I have both set up
for email but only use the Newton for this purpose. I also use Ink Spot
for newsgroups.

I am now using Backtalk to beam names, dates, and todos between the visor
and newton. I am also using IRLink to sync the visor to my powerbook. I
also have a GPS project underway using the newton, Fieldworker software
and a Garmin handheld GPS unit. The newton is a very good tool for this

There is certainly some overlap in this effort but I find it gives me the
best of both worlds in portability with the visor and mobile power and
input (newton). I would rank the newton over the visor and keep it if I
could only have one unit.

I have come up with a small bag that allows me to carry both units plus a
few accessories for my daily commute bus ride.

>Hello all,
>After retiring my MP120 for a Palm III a couple of years ago, I find myself
>back in Newton fray with a MP2k I recently picked up pretty cheap. The
>screen was horribly scratched, but after a $180 trip to Apple I have a
>crystal clear new touchscreen and LCD . . . sweet!
>I have gotten quite used to using the Palm and Palm Desktop Software for
>scheduling and contact management. The Palm OS does this quite well and I
>really like the instant button access to info - pull Palm out of pocket and
>cycle through calendar, todos and contacts without using a stylus.
>OK, that's nice, but for virtually everything else, especially notetaking
>and information organizing, the Newt is *far* superior. We all know that.
>I'm wondering how I integrate the two into my daily routine. Here's what
>I'm doing so far, I'd love to get other's experiences!
>Palm III & Palm Desktop
>* calendar
>* todos
>* contacts
>* notetaking in meetings
>* diagramming / brainstorming
>* USENET w/ InkSpot
>* lite web browsing
>* games
>* misc organization of info
>(detailed todo lists, research topics, outlines, voicenotes)
>After a meeting I use BackTalk to beam any meeting notes and appointment
>info stemming from the meetings to the Palm. Same for contacts, although I
>rarely run into that situation.
>Are other people doing this? I'm sure I'm not the only one living with both
>and I bet some folks have some much more clever ideas that mine out there!
>John "glad to be carrying a Newt again" Tobin

"Defy Gravity!"

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