NTLK automatic reclaiming heap after FIND function(Kenny Song)

From: Christopher Chung (chrischung@start.com.au)
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 05:43:39 CDT

On 3 july Kenny song wrote reply

Dear Kenny or anyone

Further to my problem I have about 100 files both in works and Notes.
I use the "find" to search for key words. If I place all my files on a
PC card and use the find again heap goes down from 400K down to 2K
sometime giving error not enough heap.

If I take the card and place into my emate the "find"takes much longer
but heap 120K is reclaimed after find finishes.

Question why should the same files perform differently under find in
the emate and 2100 ?

Where do I get Avi's backdrop from ?


Do you have any Heap Garbage Collection software like Avi's Backdrop
or Dash Board? If you do and they show only 1k, did you try opening
another program. If you can, it could be the reading was not updated.

Don't know why though.:-(

Kenny Song

To my original question

I have a heap problem with MP2100.
>After using "find" the heap drops from 240K down to 1K, and stays
>there despite closing all applications. Only a soft reset gives me
>back 240K. I have tried total brain wipe but unable to rectify
>I have an emate which does not have the same problem and heap is
>automatically reclaimed
>Does anyone have any clues


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