NTLK No battery switch in MP 2x00

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Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 06:35:26 CDT

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"John I. Clark" wrote:

> What's with all the weird battery juju lately, huh? Right after I read
> the first post about someone's rechargable MP2100 battery not holding a
> charge, mine went strange on me and didn't seem to notice that it had
> been plugged in for several hours. Since then, I've charged it for a
> good long overnight charge and it seems back to normal, but I'm
> concerned anyway. This battery was new from Oz about a year ago, and I
> don't use my Newt all THAT much, so it should last for several years,
> right? What are other's experiences with life span of these batteries? I
> have a bunch of recyclable NiMH AAs that I use in my digital camera, so
> I could start using them in my battery sled and recharging them in their
> charger when necessary, but I'd like to hope the Newton rechargable
> would last awhile longer...
> Other questions:
> 1) I have my recharge warning set to 15% (via SBM's Options.pkg). Is
> this a mistake? Am I discharging my battery too much each time?

I don't think that this is a problem. Mine is set at 17%. I've tried a bit
lower, but I would get a single warning, and then the MP would go to sleep.
17% provides me with a couple of
warnings, so I know I'll have to replace the pack soon. But I don't think
that there is any problem discharging the battery. In fact, I think it's a
good thing to discharge it
Someone asked...

> said that you can put a piece of cardboard
> somewhere in some models to be able to charge store-bought NiMH AAs in
> the battery sled... Is this possible in the 2100?

Someone answered...

>The little button in the 2100 is very hard to get to

Afaik the 2x00 messagepads do not have a button at all. The NiMH pack in
these machines has two additional contacts beween which is a resistor.
This is what the 2x00 mp's base their decision on.
As I don't have a 2x00 machine, I can just convey what I have heard. If
anyone feels tempted to send me a MP2x00 to increase the quality of
my comments, please don't hesitate to do so ;-))

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