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From: Ivan Shaw (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 21:57:07 CDT

On Thu, Jul 6 2000 Jon de la Osa wrote:
>It seems like there is no real seemless way of syncing your Newt data to
>your desktop machine or pilot or whatever.
>I have a similar problem, but its the other way around: Pilot data to Newt.

We can sync Palm <-> Newt, though we do it in a roundabout manner using Lotus Notes as an intermediate. Our setup:

- Lotus Notes R4.6x server
- Lotus Notes R4.6x client
- Commontime Cadenza (Notes <-> Newt)
- Lotus Easysync 3.0 (Notes <-> Palm)
- MP2100 or eMate (mine)
- Palm Vx (company's, aka the $650 pucks no one wants to use)

The hardest part was deciding how to install Cadenza (single-user sync works best): EasySync bites as a data conduit but it was free. Once everything was set up, it was just a matter of syncing one then the other handheld.

Now... before Jon or anyone goes off over my "Palm as hockey puck" comment, I will say that the reasons they don't want to use them are:

1. small screen (no one wants to admit the need for glasses as they age)

2. learning Graffiti (they're lazy)

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