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From: StevenASC@aol.com
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 12:00:49 CDT

Dear Kenny,
I am sending you this off list. I hope that isn't rude. I have read your
posts on Newton for so long that I wanted to come to you directly for this

I am a long time Newton lover. But unfortunately at this time I am in the
process of switching to the Palm system. This has been successful for the
most part.

My problem is that I have not been successful in extracting my Date Book in
any form. I just need a record of my calendar which goes back to my first
Newton in March of 1994 (I was an early adopter you see).

I would be very happy of a paper copy in fact. I don't need all of this
information on my Palm. But I can't even seem to print out except page by
page. Of course I can back up just as I always have. But that doesn't result
in a usable form. When I try to extract it in other forms with X Port for
instance the program stops building an export file.

I am stumped and I am very willing to pay for help with this problem.

Can you help me with this in any way?
Thank you for taking this time.
Steven Poster ASC
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