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From: Benjamin Ing (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 01:32:12 CDT

Which desktop platform are you working on??

Previously, I used Now Up-To-Date to sync with my Newton. After getting the
data into Now UTD, I exported a text file that I then imported into Palm
Desktop. It was very easy.

My 2 on the whole Newton/Palm issue ...

I was an early adopter of the Newton - purchasing an OMP in Boston a couple
weeks after the initial roll-out. I continually upgraded, owning an MP120,
MP130, getting the MP2000 in the first shipments and upgrading it to an
MP2100. I agree that to this day, it is still a great platform.

However, as time has gone along, it has gotten more and more difficult to
make the Newton useful. I have to work on both Mac and PC platforms (Mac at
home by preference, PC at work under duress) and it is always a challenge to
keep all of my information in sync between the Mac/PC/Newton platforms.

I tried a Windows CE machine and returned it. I purchased a Rex and went
thru gyrations to keep it in sync so that I could have an electronic rolodex
with me at all times. Finally, I purchased a Handspring Visor, under the
assumption that if it didn't work out, I would return it within 30 days.

That was 3 months ago. I am totally happy with the Visor and the Newton has
sat on my desk, unused, for the last 3 months. The Hot-Syncing is a great
feature that allows me to move data between the Mac and the PC with a button
push AND it allows me to carry that data everywhere. I use my Visor as more
than just a "glorified organizer". I bought the modem and carry about 300
emails on the Palm at a time (I get about 100 a day). I surf the internet
both on-line and off-line. I connect to my desktop Quicken and to my Excel
spreadsheets (including a 44k file), all using Hot-Sync. I purchased the
Stowaway keyboard (that folds up to the size of the Visor) and input data
into a text program that has a size limit of 32k - plenty for most of my
documents - that also syncs to my desktop. I even use an outliner that will
hot-sync directly to my desktop.

I have finally come to the realization that my greatest need is not for the
best platform, which the Newton most certainly is, as much as the best
application base. The Palm Developer community is very active and growing
every day, whereas Newton owners have to rely on outdated programs and
updates from developers that are either hobbyists or making their real
living in other jobs (including developing Palm software).

Whether Newton afficiandos are willing to acknowledge it or not, the Palm
platform continues to move forward. My Handspring supports a Springboard
slot that will allow me to increase my memory to 16MB, only 4 short of what
I was carrying in my MP2100. Already, a newer cheaper modem has been
released. There are wireless and ethernet solutions and even MP3 players
coming this summer. On other Palm platforms they already have support for
Compact Flash (TRG Pro), Sony has announce support for their memory stick
and Palm is supporting Secure Digital cards.

It is easy to sit on this board and turn your nose up at Palms, but it is a
living, growing platform while the Newton only lives based on its small,
committed user base. The only advantage that the Newton really has on the
Palm is Graffiti (which ends up being no more inconvenient than having to
correct the 97% accurate handwriting) and the screen size, which to me is an
easy trade off for the portability.

I lived thru all of the growing pangs of the Newton platform and while it IS
a much better platform, it is one that will not grow much more. I am willing
to wait to see how developers expand on the Palm platform, much as I saw the
Newton platform grow. Until then, the Palm is already making me much more
productive, and just like I did with the Newton, I am pushing the boundaries
of a handheld computer.


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