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From: Michael Manthey (
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 00:00:08 CDT

On Fri, 07 Jul 2000 08:32:12 +0200, Ben wrote:

>I am
>to wait to see how developers expand on the Palm platform, much as I saw
>Newton platform grow. Until then, the Palm is already making me much more
>productive, and just like I did with the Newton, I am pushing the
>of a handheld computer.

It is true: the day will come, when Newton is history. The synching and
communication abilities of the Palm family *are* impressive. Still I don't
use one. Gave one to a friend of mine, though. I use the Newton as a true
portable (more or less standalone) computer, and that has dramatically
turned me away from my desktop Mac/PC. The Psion that I use as my second
portable doesn't fit in my shirt-pocket either, but there is at least one
advantage to not being too small: I saw there's a new website devoted to
Palms which expired in the washing-machine or dryer, a sad fate which the
Newton's form-factor will hopefully prevent.


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