Re: NTLK FS: Newton MessagePad 2100

From: Alain.Fernandez (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 11:37:39 CDT


I take it, if as you announce it is a nice machine without crash and
not hardly used.

I travell in a few hours (a meeting this evening, I perhaps reread my
mail in 3 hours). I won't be, cause of this congres at my office
since thursday.

I can pay by iEscrow, or by post check or any clean maner.

>I have two Newton MessagePads 2100 and I'm selling the backup unit so
>it can benefit another Newton lover. This item will go on eBay if I
>don't have any takers on the list in the next few days.
>- Newton MessagePad 2100 (Apple-upgraded 2000)
> including original stylus
>- Apple 4 Mb memory card
>- MegaHertz CruiseCard 28.8 modem
>- Apple Newton Keyboard
>- Rechargeable battery
>- 9W Power Adapter
>- Serial connector (dongle)
>- Serial connection cables
>- 3 screen protectors (The Barrier)
>- Newton MessagePad 2100 Upgrade CD and all original software
>- Original Action Names software (with serial number)
>- All original invoices, all original documentation, original box
>(without inserts)
>The Newton has been used but is in very good condition. Buy with
>I'm asking 600$US for the package. I am in Canada, can ship anywhere.
>Buyer pays actual shipping cost (same for USA and Canada, a little more
>for the rest of the world). I can accept money orders in US or Canadian
>funds. Could accept checks but would really prefer money orders.
>Discuss this with me in private.
>Thanks for reading and have a good day.

Alain FERNANDEZ		professeur EPS
directeur DAPSE "suaps"	   et	étudiant en Sciences de l'éducation
Université Orléans		Doctorant en didactique des discipline
UFR STAPS			modélisation des jeux sportif (football)
BP6237					Ecole Normale Supérieur CACHAN
45062 ORLEANS cx 02
France	Tél : 0238 417278
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