Re: NTLK Fun with Backtalk

From: Michael Kennard (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 00:19:43 CDT

A simple question, I'm now looking for BackTalk, where can I get it??

>MP2x00 and eMate owners: if you haven't done so already, run (don't
>walk) and buy a copy of SmartDog's BackTalk. Really useful.
>Now for the real IrDA-related question. Anyone know what the beam
>angle is for the Palm? During a meeting this afternoon, I was able
>to intercept beams between two of the people I met with (nothing
>damaging but they have lousy taste in restaurants). Guess the
>assumption was that only Palms can beam (and no, I didn't let on
>that I had IrObEx capability).
>Ivan T. Shaw, PhD
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