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Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 22:44:10 CDT

On Sat, 8 Jul 2000, Andy Wells wrote:

> Hey everyone
> I sent this in a couple of weeks ago but I think it got lost so I'll try
> again
> I though we could have a look at adding a Newt version to the
> "If OS ran Airlines" email/joke ?
> so I wonder what this group would come up with......
> Maybe.....
> Newton Air
> Despite the design being ahead of it's time and the method of travel
> smoother than all competitors, Major manufacturer pulls out of production.
> Employees take it upon
> themselves to continue and refine use and operation of flights.( all craft
> come in a green livery). Tickets are shared and come with their own FAQ
> Astonished onlookers are heard to say " got here that fast in
> something that size !"and
> "How can I book with that Airline"

I'm just going to re-write this a bit so that it fits better with the
airline theme:

        Despite having the most advanced small aircraft and the most
in-flight comforts, the parent company decided to cancel the airline to
concentrate on its larger, more mainstream planes. Customers take it upon
themselves to keep the craft in the air, patching them up when they can and
sometimes coming up with strokes of pure genius, despite the planes not
always being able to interface well with terminals to transfer passengers.
        Tickets are shared, and come with their own FAQ attached.
Astonished onlookers are heard to say "Gee, I thought that airline was
cancelled," "Wow! I didn't know those old planes were so neat!" and "How can
I book with that airline?"

(OK, so it turned out a little long...)

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