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From: Oz Suguitan (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 13:15:56 CDT

Your eMail from on 7/7/00 7:57 PM said this:

>And, if you were so unfortunate as to believe this person and purchase
>one, you would have to pay a restocking fee to send it back, if they let
>you send it at all! Word to the wise, stay away from Shreve.
>Mark Ross

Because Louisiana is kinda under the Napoleon style law system, the
business laws in that state are really lax. Trying to return something to
Shreve is close to impossible, and getting real information from them is
truly impossible.

I would not recommend buying toilet paper from Shreve, but here's some
rules of thumb in case you do decide to buy from them:

-Do NOT buy from them via any method but credit card.

-Do NOT use a debit/atm credit card with Shreve.

-Record your transaction on audio tape if possible, and notify them that
you are doing so.

-Keep your receipt, and log every single phone call to Shreve by date,
time, reason, and remember to write down the name of the person you

-"New" in ShreveSpeak means either new or cleaned up to look as new

-"used" in Shreve speak means dirty, non-working, and/or as-is condition.

-Be sure that you ask and take note of Shreve's cruddy return policy.

-DO NOT believe anything that the Shreve people say if you about the
technical merits of their merchandise. They once told me that their 5500s
were as fast as iMacs (logged at 1/17/99). Believe NewtonTalk or websites
that do not have connections to Shreve, such as Low End Mac, or other
popular "old mac" or "this ol' newt" sites.

-Price check. Although the posted prices on Shreve's website may be good,
you may find better prices just by looking around a bit more.

Good luck to those of you who dare to send your money to Shreve.

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