Re: NTLK How much memory is supposed to show up on the MP2100?

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 15:32:41 CDT

>On Sat, 8 Jul 2000, Ermin Mistica wrote:
>> I have a question regarding the MP2000 and the MP2100. I know that the main
>> difference between the two is memory. The MP2100 has 4Mb whereas the MP2000
>> has what 1Mb? I know that if you look under memory when you tap the Extras
>> drawer you can see how much memory you have left in your internal store. The
>> MP2100 shows that I have 3523 Kb. How much should show up on a MP2000? I
>> have the same number showing up on my MP2100. Does this mean my MP2000 is an
>> upgraded version? Just wanted to know. Thanks!
>If your MP2000 shows this much memory, then it has been upgraded.

I'll say it is the Internal Store memory, not the DRAM memory shown there.
To know if you have a MP2100, here are some criterions.
Physically, there is the sticker as Victor said.

For software checks:
- the best: Gestalt(kGestalt_SystemInfo).RAMSize should say 4 MB

Other one: NewtonScript heap increase: you'll need the latest system
update (710031) or the previous one (back to 1997!) 717260.

- If you experienced the -10061 bug, you have a MP2100
- Restart without any package, get the NS Heap free memory (with
utilities such as Avi's BD). Don't know exaclty what you should have,
(in fact, it depends on what's on the stores and the utility) but I
think it should be around 400 KB. Anyway, you can compare on both
machines. It should be significantly smaller on the MP2000.



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