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Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 19:38:14 CDT

Your eM@il from on 7/5/00 11:20 PM said this:

>I know this is for Newton talk, but i really need your guy's help, i had no
>where else to turn, So anyways, my iMac is having problems. Whenever I trash
>something, none of the space it took up is freed, it stays taken up, I am
>down to 900mb on a 13gb HD that should not even be half full, So if anyone
>has any imformation, please contact me off list at
>Thank you all, i really need the help.

Sounds like you have a classic Maxtor/DOS problem.

IF you have a Maxtor hard disc, you'll notice that there are 5 jumpers on
the drive. The middle jumper, "J46" should NOT be jumpered. This
restricts the drive to 8.4G on Win/DOS machines. On Macs if the jumper is
present, the drive space over 8.4G will be recognized at first, but when
you go over 8.4G, you will notice that the drive space will not go down
until you trash the difference between 8.4G and your total drive space.
Partitioning the drive does not cure the effect. Similar problems occur
on other brand drives. Check the manufacturer's web site for details
about the "September 1997 BIOS" problem.

Now, if you have a DV SE, which is supposed to be a Western Digital
drive, it should have been configured correctly from the start. Wouldn't
hurt to look inside to see if the jumpers are correct.

Of course, before you do all this, you should first rebuild your desktop
and use Apple's Disk First Aid. eM@il what it says to, and we'll help you out for free.

BTW: DID YOU "EMPTY" YOUR TRASH??? You must manually empty your trash on
a Macintosh. It's located in the "Special" menu within the "Finder".

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