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Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 19:41:31 CDT

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>> > I know this doesn't does help to answer the question,
>>> but does anyone know of any iMac mailing lists ?
>> >

Oh, here's a procedure, if you have the "trash doesn't empty" problem:

What this procedure will do is take advantage of the Mac's ability to
replace complete folders with folders.

-Create a folder called "Dump" on your desktop.
-Drag EVERYTHING (folders, files, apps, you name it) that is in your
trash can into the folder called "Dump".
-Open your hard disk.
-Create another folder called "Dump" in your hard disk's window. You must
type the name of the folder exactly as you named the first folder.
-drag the "Dump" folder that is on your hard drive to the desktop.
-If you did it right, you will be asked if you want to replace the older
item with the newer item, or replace an item with the same name. Confirm
by pressing the "OK" button on the screen.
-The space is recovered.

This trick is also good for those times when you have over 10,000 little
files in your trash. Instead of waiting for 4-5 minutes for the trash can
to empty, you need just replace the folder. Then, throw the duplicate
folder away. Very easy! Great for web designers/masters that accidentally
duplicate the entire website!

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