Re: NTLK the ice MP2x00 (Frozen Newton Project)

From: David 'willi' Wilhelm (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 02:10:40 CDT

I have written a few times to 3 different addresses listed on these
pages to no avail. Perhaps they only check their email once a year, or
perhaps they don't speak english..but there
are some english pages in this site. I found this site just after the
cut off date for membership; my understanding wasn't that you ship the
newt to them but rather that you pay a
membership fee to do a prototype run on the parts, then when the design
was finished they would tell you a cost and you could buy it.


more pages:

I wonder if they just took apart a mp2x00 and replicated the parts or if
they had some leaked Apple tech docs to get the parts manufactured to
spec? Anyway my only concern would be
more pliable plastic -- having dropped my Newt many more times than is
recommended (!) I know that a less-rugged casing would not be ideal..

If anyone else knows more on this, or has ideas/suggestions, please share!


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