NTLK internal/card RAM storage management

From: Malawi, Hilal (hmalawi@bechtel.com)
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 09:30:04 CDT


I am struggling with the question of how to best use my UMP2000's storage
capacity. I just acquired a cheap 4MB card to replace my 2MB, and suddenly
have a good chunk of available RAM on the card.

The basic question is what belongs on the internal store, and what can live
comfortably on a flash card?

I was under the impression that items such as Macintalk, the Enroute
extensions, NIE, and the like are best stored on the internal. In my case,
almost all Extensions are on the internal store.

I also like the idea of keeping my names and dates soops on the internal
store as well, in case I need to remove the card.

As a result, on my Newton right now the internal store is almost full while
the 4MB card I have has plenty of space.

So, how are the pros on this list using their internal RAM?


Hilal Malawi
Bechtel Telecommunications
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