Re: NTLK internal/card RAM storage management

From: Michael J. Hussmann (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 09:41:19 CDT

Malawi, Hilal ( wrote:

> I was under the impression that items such as Macintalk, the Enroute
> extensions, NIE, and the like are best stored on the internal. In my case,
> almost all Extensions are on the internal store.
> I also like the idea of keeping my names and dates soops on the internal
> store as well, in case I need to remove the card.

All essential stuff should be stored internally -- NIE for example, while
Macintalk could just as well reside on a card. I also store all
data/soups internally. The card is used for backups and large,
non-essential packages -- large books, for example.

Michael J. Hussmann

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