RE: NTLK Time Trax is too good to be true!!!

From: Chris Georges (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 00:56:08 CDT

I can empathize with Ermin's frustration about not being able to
register Time Trax on two physically different Newton OS units, and I
agree with Steve Vander Ark's positive assessment of DateMan (I've been
using it rigorously for about a year now). However, I don't know about
Steve's contention that industry practice is to restrict registration to
one device: when I was fortunate enough to come into first one, and then
-- don't hate me because I'm lucky -- a second almost-new MP 2100 to
back up my original UMP2K (yes, bringing my grand total to three; I
figure my last one'll give out some time around 2010), Holger Mueller at
Softwareburo Mueller was kind enough to supply me with reg codes for all
three of my units, so my SBM Utilities works on all three. (Not to
mention that my DateMan and Dashboard also work on all three units with
just the one reg code. . .)

My $.02



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